Make sure you don’t turn on stuffing keywords ツ

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Day to day I find people trying to stuff keywords in content in order to get better ranking. But remember according to me this is the greatest mistake any one can make. B’cos unfortunately people forget that after all we struggle to get ranking in  order to get more customer. But keyword stuffing would lead to increase in bounce rate of your site.

Further this activities may lead to spamming which would spoil your sites trust rank like anything.

Keywords shall be used smartly in such a manner that it seems to be natural and user friendly.Let me make this clear through this example:

Say if there are two sites “A” & “B” who sell smart phones  with all ranking  factors common but if site “A’s”  content is like “Well-come to smart phone store where we sell smart phones at cheap rate.We have a wide range of smart phones with assured gift….etc.”

where as site “B’s” content is “smart phone store welcomes phone store has wide range of smart phone.We are  smart phones master…..etc.”

In this case as a customer I would prefer Site “A” rather than site “B” as I find site “A” more genuine than site “B”.

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Don’t just consternate on Page Rank(PR) there are other doors too :)

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Being an Internet marketing consultant I find 4 out of 5 customer asking if I would increase their page rank. But it’s unfortunate that nowadays people only focus on their page rank & forget other important factors of ranking. Page rank is just one of those 200 factors which helps you to rank better. I agree that page rank is more important than other factors till some extent, but after all sites are made for users & it should be user friendly.

Just having high page rank with the help of huge back links is not enough. There are other factors like title,URL,Meta,etc. Now let me make this more clear with the help of this video by Shree Matt Cutts .