Let’s Pray for ANNA “Get well soon”

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The health of Anna Hazare has worsened since he ended his fast on December 28 and sources on Saturday said that he has been advised to get admitted in a hospital in Pune.

Anna will be admitted in Sancheti hospital in Pune on Sunday. With Anna’s health deteriorating, Team Anna’s core committee meeting has also been postponed.

The core committee was to meet on Monday in Ralegan Siddhi to chalk out its next course of action. Team Anna seems undecided about campaigning in the poll-bound state for now.

Anna Hazare to be hospitalised in Pune tomorrow

Anna called off his fast and ‘jail bharo andolan’ citing poor health but many say it could have been because of the low turnout at MMRDA grounds in Mumbai



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seo training ahmedabad wishes HAPPY NEW YEAR

                                             TO ALL

2011 Is Now a History

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I just LOVE this :-*

What are the qualities of a good website?

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Now, it’s time to speak about the quality of a website. Ye because I personally experienced this when I was searching for white rose to gift to my girl friend.

Ha.. even though my experience was funny the concept is not.

Because now most of the S.E.O/Internet Marketing experts are committing this mistake. Because of inadequate knowledge people only focus on optimization types but forget one main face that even though it’s known as S.E.O(Search Engine Optimization) they are actually optimizating  for the user. in the play.

So, I hope this video below will prove to be useful


Hey are you aware of your Canonical Links? :)

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Friends now there is a new concept of Canonical Link of your site.

🙂 confused with the meaning of Canonical Link?

First let’s understand meaning of the word “CANONICAL” 

Canonical means authorized or recognized

So, Canonical link means to authorize or recognize an URL for a particular group of url’s

Let’s hear more from Shree Matt Cutts.





How to optimize you images on search engines.

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Now each of us hear the words like S.E.O. , S.E.M. , Internet Marketing , etc. but ultimately all of them talk about bringing you website first in search engines. Actually it seems they are missing something of it.

Because whenever I hear this words the question that strikes my mind is what about images???  There is a sayings that one image epics the meaning of thousand words but unfortunately here this experts are not worried about images!!!

Here is the way you optimize you images on GOOGLE and get better R.O.I of it.


Get better ROI by setting a particular geographic location for your site.

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Ha.. you heard it right. Now you can rank on your keyword & at the same time get targeted customers on you site , which will improve your site’s Return On Investment. Further this will help you eliminating unwanted traffic from your site and lessen the burden of you host.

In order to make it even simple let a GOOGLE professional explain you 


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