Marketing is basic need of a firm/company regardless of it’s type. Since ages we are continuously gifted with many marketing experts like  Michael E. Porter ,  Tom Peters ,  Robert Reich ,  Peter Drucker ,  Peter Senge ,  Gary S. Becker , Gary Hamel ,  Alvin Toffler ,  Daniel Goleman ,  Rosabeth Moss Kanter ,  Ronald Coase ,  Lester Thurow ,  Charles Handy , Henry Mintzberg ,  Michael Hammer ,  Stephen Covey ,  Warren Bennis ,  Bill Gates ,  Jeffrey Pfeffer ,  Philip Kotler , Robert C. Merton ,  C. K. Prahalad , Thomas H. Davenport ,  Don Tapscott ,  John Seely Brown ,  George Gilder ,  Kevin Kelly , Chris Argyris ,  Robert Kaplan ,  Esther Dyson ,  Edward de Bono ,  Jack Welch ,  John Kotter ,  Ken Blanchard ,  Edward Tufte ,  Kenichi Ohmae ,  Alfred Chandler ,  James MacGregor Burns ,  Sumantra Ghoshal ,  Edgar Schein ,  Myron S. Scholes ,  James March ,  Richard Branson ,  Anthony Robbins ,  Clay(ton) Christensen ,  Michael Dell ,  John Naisbitt ,  David Teece ,  Don Peppers  &  more.

But unfortunately today India is not till the mark to beat the international market. This is because we Indians are cost conscious & in order to save the huge cost on marketing we forgive the international market. So, keeping this in mind as a IM expert I would suggest to go for virtual marketing(internet marketing). Here you can represent your brand/company globally to the world. Comparatively the cost of internet marketing is effectively less than normal marketing. Further mostly the results are better than traditional marketing. But at the same time this won’t work for all industries. For example if we talk about hydraulic and hose pipe industries the amount of customers through internet are very low than through other sources like printed media,etc.